Notions Fabric Dish Accessory

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Kleines Stoffschälchen. Nicht nur für Nähzubehör.This is a useful little gizmo, and these instructions are primarily written for the Fabric PinDish as it is included in the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote (BGB) setup.Before the BGB came into existence, I had made several of these little fabric dishes for usein my sewing area at home - at the cutting table, ironing area, and machine-side. These aregreat to hold little things you don’t want to escape from your work area - like Clover brandWonder Clips, sewing machine feet, bobbins…. you-name-it. So when I drew up the pattern forthe BGB, it was obvious it wouldn’t be as useful without one of these!These little bowls can be used for lots of purposes. Consider using them on top of an entrytable to throw keys into - no banging up your furniture! Or.. even on the arm of your sewingmachine to hold things so your machine doesn’t get nicked and scratched.